Aroma Massage

Aromatherapy massage is massage therapy but with highly concentrated plant oils, called essential oils, added to the massage oil or lotion. The nostrils are attached to a part of the brain called the limbic system. The limbic system controls emotions and influences the nervous system and hormones.


Why do people get Aromatherapy Massage ?

Aromatherapy massage is particularly suited to conditions involving stress or improving emotionally-related conditions.
● Stress and stress-related conditions such as insomnia
● Headache
● Digestive disorders
● Premenstrual syndrome (PMS)
● Back pain
Here are a few examples of the research that is being done on aromatherapy massage:
● Self-massage significantly improved symptoms and wellbeing in people with lymphedema. It also slightly, but not significantly reduced limb volume. However, carefully chosen aromatherapy oils did not appear to be more effective than massage without aromatherapy oils.
● Sixteen first-time mothers received a 30-minute aromatherapy massage two days after delivery, while 20 mothers received standard post-partum care. The aromatherapy massage group had significantly decreased ratings of post-partum blues and anxiety and had increased vigor and attachment to their babies.
● Research suggests that patients with cancer, particularly in the palliative care setting, are increasingly using aromatherapy and massage.

Using Aromatherapy to Help You Relax


Essential oils should always be blended with a carrier oil before they are used in massage. These carrier oils dilute the essential oils and can help with absorption. Common carrier oils include almond, avocado and jojoba, extra virgin olive oil can also be used.
Carrier oils are not potent like essential oils and are used in greater quantities, care should be taken to find the most suitable carrier oil for you.

The general rule of thumb is to mix a few drops of essential oil with a teaspoon of carrier oil – different essential oils will require different dilution depending on their potency, read the label.
Massage is usually most effective before bed and can help promote a good night’s sleep.
Make sure you are warm and your skin is dry. You can use self-massage or ask somebody else to massage you. For self-massage work on your forehead and face, shoulders, hands, feet and the small of your back. If you have somebody to give you a massage then as well as the areas mentioned above get them to work on your back.


●  Relaxes, balances and harmonizes the body.
●  Reduces stress.
● Strengthens the entire body and supports the body in its own healing process.
● Encourages a healthy immune system to fight infection
Benefits of the Technique
● Stimulates the blood flow
● Increases oxygen
● Distributes the oils
Primary Objectives
● Stress reduction
● Oil introduction
● Body stimulation