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    HSM Introduction

    Reproductive health is a "private language", the female reproductive Shimeng American Hua anti
    union mechanism will create a fine maintenance sex woman.
    According to the American Society for reproductive medicine clinical studies have shown that human
    aging is precisely from the beginning of reproductive senescene of, compared with female friends,
    after the age of 30 because estrogen levels in vivo slowly began to decline, the physiological index
    began to fall away which foreshadows the young women of reproductive system, including monsveneris,
    labium, vagina, uterus, ovary, fallopian tube and so on have begun to   senescene symptoms.
    This is known as the birth place of the "life" of the reproductive system is to maintain the beauty of the
    female face, keep the youth of the fundamental,whether it can be carefully protected, is a woman is
    particularly important beauty topics.

    Reproductive Medical Expert

    D. Brian, a top reproductive medical expert in the United States, isolated a kind of antibacterial substance from African plants, which was shown to have a strong inhibitory effect on all the bacteria.
    African researchers have proposed to change the molecular structure of the substance, in order to develop a new and efficient medical reproductive health of female reproductive health.
    American Chinese poetry dream bio pharmaceutical companies in a variety of isolated antimicrobial substances as a "blueprint" for structural modification, has been the development of a more than just with drug-resistant strains of new antibacterial agents and clinical application.

    Most Popular Series

    Female Vagina Relaxation & Vagina Reborn :

    European famous gynecologists kegel through concentrate maternal pelvic floor muscle exercise, solved the no drug treatment effect of urinary incontinence, the study found that this group of muscle nerve endings are very abundant, is also very sensitive, a strong supply of blood, prone to sexual excitement, this group muscles after exercise can effectively promote microcirculation, improve vaginal relaxation, uterine prolapse, uterine, after leakage, yin blowing, sexual apathy, about one third of the women in China, the \"love muscle,\" weak, don't know how to make the strenghtening, and even directly affect the life of husband and wife.

    Main Ingredients

    1.SCGF Progenitor cell polypeptide -- Progenitor cells, also known as stem cells and mother cells. When Progenitor cell growth peptide, it can effectively repair damaged progenitor cells. Proliferation helps to regenerate new cells, it enable to restore the reproductive system into the original functionality and to achieve youthful and vitality.
    2.HBF Hormone Balance Factor – there is no exogenous hormones, but the balance of the secretion of autologous hormones will meet the need of human body hormones, it is to balance the various functions of the human body in healthy and orderly condition.
    3.Antibacterial peptide - is a biological agent, it’s effectively control the reproductive system from reproduce and growth of harmful bacteria
    4.MT Metallothionein - effectively remove free radicals in the reproductive system, delay of free radicals from the reproductive system, slow down the aging of reproductive system, to prevent gynecological diseases
    5.EFGF Fibroblast Growth Factor - can effectively repair vaginal fracture or deformation of elastic fibers. To reduce and effectively tighten it, meantime able to firm up and lock the moist, improve the degree of vaginal moisture.
    6.EGF Epidermal Growth Factor - can effectively repair mucosal tissue at vaginal wall and mprove the vaginal environment.

    7.Immune Factors - to improve the immune system of the reproductive system, reduce the incidence of the disease
    8.NGF Nerve Cell Growth Factor - repair of muscle fibers of love, enhance the sensitivity of love muscle, activate the vitality of pelvic floor muscle.

    9.HGH Human Growth Hormone - delay human aging, improve sleep, improve heart strength, enhance sexual performance.
    10.The most effective bacteriostasis – Cnidium; clove; Rhubarb gentian.


    Home Care products

    Features :

    Repair mucosa, improve vaginal immunity, improve vaginal sensitivity
    Repair cervical squamous cell, to improve cervical erosion
    Rich in nutrients, moisturizing the ovary and the usage of the uterus
    Eliminate the waste from sexual intercourse, to achive the secondary cleaning (vaginal fornix / fold)
    Can nourish and lubricate the vagina, improve sex life quality
    Can improve the smell, itching and vaginal discharge abnormalities

    Six major reasons why I should use the home care:

    1. Repair vaginal mucosa, improve vaginal immunity, strengthen sensitivity in vaginal wall
    2. Repair cervical squamous cell, prevent and reduce cervical erosion.
    3. To the uterus, ovaries improve nutrition.
    4. To play the role of secondary cleaning: to help vaginal folds and vaginal vault at the discharge of metabolites.
    5. discharge sexual intercourse waste.
    6. Eliminate odor, itching, vaginal discharge abnormalities.