Meridian SPA with Pelvic Repair Treatment


Asian Women normally experience cold bpdy and cold uterus. It is due to our living habits. We can’t live without air-conditioning, and taking shower late night and drinking cold drinks and etc.. Resulted with a weak process of kidney, backache and weak knee, menstrual disorders, aslo usually afraid of cold
Meridian SPA with Pelvic Repair Treatment enables you to enhance uterine hematopoietic function, and enable our body to achieve optimal condition so that the ovary is able to maintain 50% -70% of the blood supply. We help to enhance the body immunity. (The uterus is part of the immunological link). It is very important for women to take care of the reproductive system, due to Uterus is Children’s Palace, thus require to provide fetus a good environment to grow; avoid the cold womb which may cause the fetus to develop poorly, weak physically and may cause miscarriage. Vagina is the hometown of menstruation and regulates menstruation. Vagina helps to remove the 3%-5% of the monthly residual menstruation, and reduce endometrial fibroids.

So Many Benefits For This :

                                       1.   Opening up the medirian points at Uterus and recuperate it
                                       2.   Activate uterus cells, promote cell regeneration
                                       3.   For Blood Circulation, remove the old cell and regrow new
                                       4.   To supply nutrition and energy to cell
                                       5.   Repair damaged cells
                                       6.   To dispel icing cold from body and uterus and increase uterine vitality
                                       7.   Improving inflammation and restore health
                                       8.   Balancing Hormones, lighten pigmentation.

A must to begin with 3 days continous treatment. Follow up with once a week or treat during menstrual, the best way to restore your health.
Duration : 90 minutes