Cervical Screening Service

For Many women the thought of going for cervical screening is often worse than the reality. Our Cervical Screening is different from what you have experienced in many hospital and clinics, we don’t cut skin and we don’t collect sample from your Cervis. Thus, do not worry if you feel anxious about having your screening check, this is normal and many women feel like this. It can help to be as informed as possible about what having a cervical screening is like. Make sure you discuss any concerns with your practice therapist. Your cervical screening appointment should take no longer than around 20 minutes.

What is our service like, and what do we check?
SERVICE 1: We will be checking the conidition of Vulva areas and then Vagina and Cervix. Thus, we will examine the appearance and the color of your vulva. Once the speculum has opened up your vagina, we shall be able to take a snap shot on your vagina and cervix condition. For normal papsmear test, practice nurse or doctor will take the sample, but do not show you on the screen how’s your vagina condition look like. Thus, many women never know how their vaginal look like.

Here is how the cervix picture that we will take for you!


We will then remove the speculum and we shall start examine your Six Vaginal Functional test such as Degree of Nourishment, Sensitivity, Width Measurement, Contraction, Holiding strength and the inner temparature!
What you bring home?
1. You will have a picture of your cervix
2. You will have the result of your Vaginal functional test and you will know approximately the age group of your vaginal.