Less Ouch More Comfort


Our waxes are specially formulated with both the waxing therapist and customer in mind. We designed a range of high quality wax using the finest ingredients that is easy for the therapist to work.It allows the therapist to deliver a comfortable waxing experience to the customer consistently.
Try out Starworks professional waxing range today, and experience a smooth haven without unwanted body hair.


Advantages :

1. Improves appearance
2.Protects from micro biological infections


3. The biggest advantage waxing has over all other types of temporary hair removal is that the hair takes considerably longer to grow back. Although the rate of re-growth can vary between each individual and the efficiency of how the procedure was carried out, typically no hair begins to reappear for over a week – a pleasant relief compared to the unsightly stubble which starts to emerge almost immediately after shaving.
4. The wax does not just remove the hair at the root but it also exfoliates the skin, providing for ultra smooth and silky skin.
5. Potential side effects are relatively minimal with wax.
6. Waxing can be performed on practically all areas of the body.
7.Reduces moisture losses
8.Reduces physiological losses
9.Maintains quality by reducing post harvest losses.